I was falsely arrested by Temple Terrace Police by 4 officers at least called out to take a report against another officer.  That officer was on scene when I was arrested, because that makes sense that they would even allow that.

-When I exited my home, I found 3 police officers waiting to take a report, first comment, “Why does it take so many officers to take a report?”  No answer.

-I was immediately threatened with arrest for trespassing on the property I was renting.

-When I realized this was just to intimidate not to file a report, I immediately asked if I was being detained….answer yes…although no cause…so asked if free to go….”Yes get back to your house.”

-Walking back to my house said, “I would report this in morning.”  They said,” Get back here, your under arrest.”  Walked back to car and was kicked a bit and arrested.  Spent an hour in car to see if I would cave in back in police station, before taken to jail.

-Spent 11 days in jail, roommate who assault me, illegally evicted me, claiming he was my landlord.  Could not fight it, as when I got out on bail (lost $560 to do so) 5 days notice was up and had mere days to move.  The jerk continued to harass me, as going to bathroom, said, “how does it feel to lie to cops.”  He called cops saying I assaulted him.  He’s 50 pounds heavier than me and younger than me (also on medication and never held a job more than 3 months supported by his bf, total loser., DAVID COX, btw, dont hire him.  He can feel free to sue me, I will sue him for assault, false reports, and just being batshit crazy.  Also, which I reported to temple terrace police, which they probably did not follow up on, I witnessed them inviting underaged persons staying in the house and their room, for sexual purposes.  David, given his idiocy, even claimed, he would not be liable under florida laws for the underaged sex being maybe 20 at the time, but his older boyfriend would.  Temple terrace police department did not choose to contact me regarding this, when at the time I had names of people involved.

-End of story?  Patty stanton investigated? with no contact with me and did not respond to almost anything I wrote her.  She determined an officer falsely arrested me with no grounds for arrest…granted, considering they said I was free to go 15 seconds before arrest….fired an officer for doing so.

– However, they punished no one else….this was clearly an attempt to intimidate someone not to file a report.  When I wrote her saying officer fired was not the person in charge…no response.  When I wrote mayor and chief of police, no response (and response to date as they do not think the buck stops with them).

-When they sent me the 1 video of events and said that seems edited, Patty Stanton said, “Nothing is edited.”  Everything is edited, they have to cut and paste video from presumably 8 hrs of video….The video they sent me shows me in street when 2nd officers with cam arrived (all cars have cams) protraying as unable to stand in street and drunk, rather than coming out to find 3 officers waiting for me.  Then it goes into actual video, then it departs again when arrest…they cut out me walking back to street (first time exiting lawn) to get voluntarily arrested in street.  On their video I am arrested off screen, while the 1 audio from 1 audio is close enough to hear everything.

-so Patty Stanton claimed no video was edited…..she also lost the other 5 car videos and also lost the log who deleted those videos per their own manual.  They have to log that, so log was lost.  Who think Patty Stanton should be fired for incompetence here…BUT JUST WAIT..

-Final, (there will be links to stuff but) I just wanted damages….say $2000, but more importantly, an apology and just punish people involved….

-So they refused to give apology AND STILL HAVENT…the mayor, chief of police, the police, no one has apologized…instead of admitting they did wrong…the police and city doubled down and paid out $100,000


**after lawyers I got $73,000….would have and STILL want an apology and those officers to do so as well…but they lawyered up and offered me $20,000 with no apology…srsly…handwritten apologies from all involved punishment or retraining …would have taken $2000 to pay for expenses…lesson for them…maybe talk to people first, but the tax payers are paying the $100,00 not the police and not the mayor (please elect them out)  I begged them to talk to me….so they are STILL DOING THIS….chief of police should be first to go…

Can I get an apology from any of you police or mayor or chief of police….the most degrading part was switching cells when I had to strip naked and squat before another man and I did not do it right, and he complained that he hated newbies.  But I got $73000 bitches!  so F the police forever….

phone number those police: 813-506-6500

or email patty stanton…the PR/investigator who decided PR of police was more important?


or mayor/chief of police who thought…we do not need to talk to peopple we falsely arrest

lbrown@templeterrace.com    fchillura@templeterrace.com